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My passion is people and fulfilling the potential that lies within them to drive sales growth. Integrity and emotional intelligence are critical to everything I do, and it’s that focus that I work tirelessly to transfer into the clients and individuals I work with.

I am a Sales and Leadership Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Author, Keynote Speaker. With a career spanning over 30 years, my experience has been built working at organisations such as Yellow Pages (when it was a great big book), BT, Domestic & General to name just a few. I use all the experience gained from these large organisations to provide insightful and interactive sales and leadership training workshops focused on enabling individuals to use their emotional intelligence to sell and lead with integrity.

I have developed the skills and understanding to rapidly identify training needs and then apply tried and tested coaching which aligns to both the commercial objectives and purpose of the organisation and the motivation, purpose, and potential of the individual.

I set up Gary Morgan Coaching 13 years ago and since then I have coached hundreds of sales teams and their leaders and taken them from average to outstanding. The truth is the performance of your sales team and their leaders rest on the level of their emotional intelligence.

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There are four main areas where Gary Morgan Coaching can make a difference:

  • Are your salespeople sending emails rather than picking up the phone?
  • Has your sales revenue plateaued?
  • Are leads not being generated or converted?
  • Is your sales process letting you down?
  • Is there a lack of activity from your sales or customer service teams?
  • Are your sales or customer service staff de-motivated?
  • Do your sales or customer service staff have poor time management skills?
  • Are your salespeople missing targets?

As a leading sales coach I can fix any of the above problems and many more.

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Sales Training

Improve the results of your sales team or increase sales revenue and profit.

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Customer Service Training

Take clients on a positive journey while increasing retention and revenue.

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Telesales Training

Are you looking to improve the results of your telesales team or increase sales revenue and profit from your telesales functions?

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Leadership Training

Create and lead high-performing teams by using emotional intelligence.

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Emotional Intelligence Training

Explore the power of emotional intelligence and enhance sales and leadership performance.

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Life Coaching

Whatever challenge you are facing, life coaching with emotional intelligence can help.

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Improve sales confidence with these 5 simple tips

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Low self-confidence equals low sales conversions. That is how important confidence is in selling. If you want to improve your sales conversions, then look within at your self-confidence.

As a sales coach and trainer, I have witnessed many salespeople who have a fantastic knowledge of the products they are selling but lack confidence in themselves.

Unfortunately, clients don’t trust salespeople who lack self-confidence even if they can demonstrate their exceptional product knowledge.

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