3 Time management tips that will help your sales team to achieve their targets

One of the most useful skills your sales team can develop if you want them to achieve your sales goals is effective time and task management skills. It doesn’t matter how good your sales team is at selling, if they’re not able to manage their time and tasks well, there is no way they are going to reach the sales targets you have set them.  Today I am going to give you three simple time management tips that will make a massive difference to your team when implemented.

One thing that your business and your competitors have in common are sales teams that have exactly the same amount of time. If you’re serious about helping your sales team to accomplish their KPI’s, you need to ensure they manage their tasks and their time. Here are three time management tips that will help your sales team to manage their time and tasks effectively so that they can achieve their sales targets.

  1. Set correct sales goals. You may not realise that there is a correct and incorrect way of setting sales goals. If you don’t set your sales team’s goals correctly, they’ll end up missing targets, which could have catastrophic consequences on your business. When you set correct sales goals your team will be able to achieve even the most stretching targets. The key is to make sure they have great selling skills and a strong desire for wanting to achieve their targets.
  1. Introduce keystone Habits into your sales team. Keystone habits are those that not only embed other good habits but help your sales team to eradicate bad habits too. When your sales reps focus their time and energy on keystone habits they’ll start to get much better at managing their time and tasks which in turn leads to improved productively.
  1. Use an effective system that aids your sales team. Whether you are managing a team of inside sales, telesales, or sales reps, if you want your sales team to manage their time and tasks effectively, they will need to use an effective system. 

I use Stephen Covey’s quadrant time-management system with the sales teams that I train and coach. It is one of the most effective systems as it splits activities into four quadrants based on their importance and urgency. 

The four quadrants are as follows:

  1. Urgent and important.
  2. Important but not urgent yet.
  3. Urgent but not important.
  4. Neither urgent nor important.

In my experience of coaching and training sales teams that consistently hit and exceed their targets, they spend the majority of their time in quadrant two. 

By implementing these time and task management techniques into your sales team, you can improve their time and task management skills that will improve their productivity so they can achieve their sales targets.

I would love to know from you, what is the best time management technique that you use on a regular basis?

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