The importance of communication in customer service – 5 Listening Techniques

If sales are the heartbeat of a business, then customer service is the rhythm of the heartbeat that keeps sales coursing through the business. Communication is really important if you want to offer excellent customer service. But what is communication? Today I will be exploring 5 listening techniques designed to help you to provide excellent customer service.


According to the Collins Concise Dictionary, the definition of communication is as follows:

“The imparting or exchange of information, ideas, or feelings”


To communicate effectively, you need to listen carefully and respond accordingly. You need to apply the 2:1 ratio which means listening twice as much as you speak.

Here are five techniques to help you listen to your customers more effectively:

  1. Limit your own talking.
  2. Think like the customer.
  3. Do not interrupt.
  4. Concentrate.
  5. Do not jump to conclusions.

The success of your business will depend on your or your team’s ability to retain your existing clients. Effective communication will help you to stop losing customers and enable you to grow your business.

“Learn to listen. Sometimes, the opportunity can be knocking at your door very softly”

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