6 Reasons why you have not found your purpose in life

Are you living your life purposefully? I truly believe life is too short to be living without a sense of purpose and passion. However, that’s exactly the way most people live their lives. As a child, the ideas and ambitions you had are just a distant memory, but these can be rekindled if you take a step back and review and revisit your purpose.

Author: Gary Morgan

You are going to have to work diligently at whatever you choose to do if you want to be successful. It, therefore, makes sense to spend that time and effort on something meaningful to you. Sometimes, individuals become more committed to their comfort zone rather than their own freedom and happiness.

As a personal growth coach, countless people have come to my practice asking for my help because they feel their life lacks purpose.

Below I share 6 reasons why you have not found your purpose in life yet.

  1. You lack the necessary experience. While a few people choose the course of their lives whilst at primary school, most of us need more experience to make that determination. You cannot know what it is like to write a book of poems, play the guitar or race a car until you have actually spent some time doing those things.
  2. You are too comfortable and have forgotten what you love. Purpose starts to die as soon as you take a job primarily for financial stability. You quickly lose sight of what you love to do in the name of comfort and ease.
  3. You are not good at dealing with discomfort. When you think about your purpose, you might feel uncomfortable. After all, if you are living in a bedsit with £50.00 to your name, how will you ever become the next Richard Branson? You must be able to step out of your comfort zone to change your life for the better.
  4. You are unclear about your values. When your values are crystal clear, it is much easier to make decisions and plot your course. What is most important to you? Create a list of your values. You will find this exercise is highly useful as it will help to define you as a person and shape your purpose.
  5. Your ideas lack a creative element. People are destined to create something. Whether it is building a chain of gyms, shaping the minds of children in the classroom, or designing a sports car. Many people find their purpose through creativity.
  6. You are looking too far into the future. It is easy to become discouraged if your purpose will take a long period of time to achieve. Becoming a racing driver or a barrister will not happen overnight. It is easy to become overwhelmed when you consider all the steps required before you reach your purpose.

It does not matter where you are right now, things can change and yes you can change. Regardless of your age or financial situation, you can begin finding your purpose right now and then making sure that you live your purpose every single day of your life. The truth is when you live your life’s purpose, you give your best to your friends, family, and humankind as a whole.

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