Are you afraid of making phone calls?

It astounds me just how many business owners and salespeople are fearful of making phone calls. Since starting my coaching practice in 2008, I have lost count of the number of individuals I have helped to overcome their phone fear and make effective telephone calls.

The following three tips will help you or your sales team become more confident when making telephone calls.

Author: Gary Morgan

1. Prepare your call structure – Telephone scripts have a bad reputation for making salespeople sound robotic and unnatural during the sales process. I prefer to work with business owners and sales directors to create an effective call structure rather than a script that has to be read verbatim. Planning the introduction and some key questions to ask during the fact find enables the call handler to have confidence, flexibility, and fluency because they know what to say in advance.

2. Have a positive mindset – I have trained and coached telephone skills to hundreds of sales individuals and teams. The difference between those that are successful and those that are unsuccessful is often down to their mindset going into a call. Successful sales individuals expect the call to go well, that the person they are calling will welcome their call and ultimately agree to a meeting or even to purchase the services that are being sold to them. Unsuccessful salespeople expect the person they are calling to be rude, too busy, or disinterested in the services they are selling.

3. Have an objective – Before you make a call ensure that you are clear about why you are making the call in the first place. Ask yourself “Why am I making this call? What do I want to happen as a result of the call?” I know that this might sound like common sense, but during my coaching sessions, you will be amazed at how many people pick up the phone, dial the number, and then as the phone is answered it becomes clear that they don’t have a clear purpose for making the call.

I hope these tips give you and your sales team the confidence to pick up the phone and make effective telephone calls.

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