Fundamentals of a customer care advisor

As I have said many times before “sales might be the lifeblood of the business, but customer service is the heart that keeps that blood pumping”. This means that customer care advisors need to get everything right from answering the phone and dealing with a routine enquiry to dealing with a complaint.

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Fundamentals of a customer care advisor

There are many many ways to take care of clients but for the purpose of this article let’s start with some of the fundamentals that customer care advisors must demonstrate.

  • Attitude – From the moment a customer service advisor starts their working day until they finish, they need to remember attitude is everything! A poor attitude will show up on the phone by their tone of voice. It will show up in facial expressions during face-to-face communication. Make sure you choose a positive attitude regardless of what is going on in your personal life, after all, it is not the client’s problem and they shouldn’t have a bad experience simply because things aren’t going well for you.
  • Need – A key element in providing excellent customer service is identifying what the client needs from you, why they need it and when they need it. In order to achieve any of these three elements, you must, first of all, listen to the client and then ask relevant questions. You must at all costs avoid making assumptions! Yes, you may have had many other clients with similar needs, but they are not this client. Remember, many clients demand to be heard so make sure you listen to what they want, why they want it, and finally when they want it.
  • Purpose – It is sometimes easy to forget that your purpose as an advisor is to care for the clients. Everything you say and do is for the client! Your purpose is to ensure that you give every client that you deal with the best possible experience. This means demonstrating patience, courtesy, respect, and appropriate enthusiasm. It is not just about creating a great first impression, it is about creating a great lasting impression.

Just because these are the fundamentals shouldn’t take away from their importance when it comes to the customer journey. In fact, without these fundamentals, you are unlikely to go on to become a great customer care advisor.

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