How to create a product knowledge guide that WILL improve your sales success

Are your sales teams missing out on sales opportunities? Are your customer service teams missing out on up-sell or cross-sell opportunities Are you feeling frustrated and wondering why this is happening?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are not alone. I see this happening more often than you might think. Unfortunately, no business can afford for their teams to miss sales opportunities. Whether that is prospect selling, cross selling, or even up-sell opportunities.


Author: Gary Morgan

What you Need to Know About Your Team

Sales and customer service teams will only ever sell the products or services that they feel confident to sell. If you want your teams to sell more than they currently are, you need to ensure that they have the tools to give them the confidence to sell to a potential new client or “up-sell” to an existing client. Confidence is key!

The Importance of Product Knowledge

The best foundation for building confidence in sales is for your team to really know the products or services they are selling. One of the best ways for this to happen is to create a ‘product knowledge book’. I have created lots of these with both sales and customer service teams, and they massively help not only build confidence but also to improve sales conversions.

4 Steps to Creating a Product Knowledge Guide

Here’s how your team can create a product knowledge guide:

  1. Get the team together and ask them to list all the products or services that they can sell.
  2. Next, get them to write down the ‘features’ for each of the products or services from their list. Make sure that they include the cost as part of the feature.
  3. Once they have a list of features, ask them to choose one feature at a time and write as many ‘benefits’ for the feature that they can think of.
  4. Once they have several benefits for each of the features, you can collate them and make them into a ‘product knowledge guide’.

Ensure that each member of your sales or customer service team has a copy of the guide on their desk. They can then turn to any relevant feature of the guide whether they are selling to a potential new client, or up-selling or cross-selling to an existing client. Ensure they are trained to only focus on features that benefit the customer they are talking to at the time.

If you take the time to ensure that your sales and customer service teams have good product knowledge, they will feel more confident, resulting in more opportunities being converted.

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