Moving from fear to the finish line

Have a look at the image of the rock-climber hanging by one arm – what emotions does that instil in you?

Fear or Exhilaration?

For many people, it is absolute fear! When it comes to heights, some people tend to lose all sense of appreciation for the beauty and tranquillity of the moment. For others, this is the most exhilarating and freeing experience. Think of a situation you would like to overcome that brings about the fight, flight or freeze instinct, and score your level of fear out of 4 (4 being the highest).

Author: Gary Morgan


Then say some of the following affirmations out loud to yourself as you change your relationship with the obstacle, gain confidence and see yourself overcoming it:

  • There are very few obstacles that stand in my way forever.
  • I always find a way to come out on top.
  • I am a go-getter and self-driven individual.
  • Today, my drive and determination keep me focused on overcoming tough times.

How to be less fearful

Just because fear is a natural response doesn’t mean you can’t limit its power. Here’s how to be less fearful (According to the Science of People):

Preparation: If you’re scared of activities that you know roughly what to expect such as picking up the phone, job interviews, going to the dentist and confronting people, the best way to overcome it is to prepare. Practicing or thinking through what is going to happen prior to the event itself removes much of the uncertainty that causes fear.

Take Action: Fear stems from a lack of control so focusing on things that you can control can help reduce your feelings. If you’re fearful of something major that you don’t have much control over, find one small thing that you can take action on and focus your attention on that so the fear doesn’t overwhelm you.

Relax: Research shows that it is easier to let go of your fear by engaging in a self-soothing behaviour that relaxes you than it is to try to talk yourself out of being afraid. Find the self-soothing behaviour that distracts you from your fear whether it’s prayer, meditation, yoga, a hobby etc. and put more time into this practice when you’re afraid.

Reflection questions

Take a few moments to answer these self-reflection questions:

  1. How do I encourage myself when I find that the odds are stacked against me?
  2. How do I know when it is time to step away from a challenge?
  3. How does being victorious impact my character?

Many of my coaching clients have had great success using the information above to overcome many business and personal challenges.

I hope you are able to reduce any fears you have and move closer to the finish line by practicing these simple techniques.

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