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5 Active Listening Techniques that Increase Sales Conversions

Author: Gary Morgan   |   Date: 12th January 2022
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With all the modern technology that business leaders and sales teams have at their disposal for communicating with prospects and existing clients, it seems that many sales professionals have forgotten how to communicate clearly. In todays blog I’m going to give you 5 active listening techniques that will make a huge difference to you and your team when implemented.

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The importance of communication in customer service – 5 Listening Techniques

Author: Gary Morgan   |   Date: 31st March 2021
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If sales are the heartbeat of a business, then customer service is the rhythm of the heartbeat that keeps sales coursing through the business. Communication is really important if you want to offer excellent customer service. But what is communication? Today I will be exploring 5 listening techniques designed to help you to provide excellent customer service.

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