Unleash Your Hidden Mental Strength

It can be difficult to quantify your mental strength when life is moving along effortlessly. However, when you are confronted with a major change, for example being made redundant, bankruptcy, or a relationship breakdown, you need to be in top form.

Author: Gary Morgan

I believe that if you prepare yourself for whatever lies ahead you can do practically anything you set your mind to. Below are some tips that I share with my personal growth coaching clients for them to increase their mental strength.

Key Components of Mental Strength

  1. Know your purpose: Knowing and living your purpose enables you to focus on what really matters. It also helps you to understand what or who nourishes you and what depletes you.
  2. Be diligent: Do what you say you are going to do, whether it is for others or yourself. Stay on the path that leads to your purpose and do not let anyone or anything derail you.
  3. Stay present: Staying in the present moment will help you to stay calm when things start to irritate you. Learn to slow down and make more measured decisions.
  4. Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness builds your mental strength by teaching you that you do not have to believe what you are thinking. Learn to wipe away those negative thoughts and develop more constructive ways of coping.
  5. Remain adaptable: Allowing yourself to go with the flow allows you to adjust your thinking and adapt to new circumstances. Do not make enemies of the obstacles you face but rather reframe your attitude to focus on your ultimate goal.

I have seen it time and again with my clients that when they apply the components above, they unleash their hidden mental strength. I truly believe that you will also unleash yours by applying these components.

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