What is a Personal Growth Coach and how does it differ from a Business Growth Coach?

The differences between a personal growth coach and a business growth coach are rooted in your path to purpose and more  importantly the signposting you need to help you get there?

Author: Gary Morgan

Do you know your path to purpose? …or more importantly, do you need help or some signposting to help you get there?

As a personal growth coach, the cornerstones of my service offering are to bring purpose, joy, productivity, and ease into a client’s personal, business, or professional life.

Personal Growth Coaching is similar to life coaching as it provides clients with the tools and skills to increase their self-awareness and enhance their confidence skills especially in the areas of communication and assertiveness. The overall effect being improved relationships with their loved ones both friends, family, staff, and colleagues.

All elements of coaching revolve around self-improvement and personal development. This is why the Japanese philosophies of Ikigai and Kaizen are critical and central to my service offering.

My role as a personal growth coach is to help clients with their personal development based on the individual goals, they have set themselves, whether they realise it or not!

A classic scenario is someone who is working with you to help better their career but really needs some help in developing their capacity to build good relations as well as honing their interpersonal communication skills. The other classical situation is often the successful businessperson who needs to find a better work/life balance especially in relation to their family responsibilities.

There are overlaps and synergies between business growth and personal growth coaching, the main linkage being the capacity for personal issues to thwart business success. This well- established “elephant in the room” often needs to be addressed and removed first, prior to creating the path to progress.

Another vital component of effective personal growth coaching is a recognition of the type of client I am dealing with. What drives their behaviour, their core values, do they thrive on control and structure or is informality and impulsive behaviour their preferred direction of travel?

The key is to extract this information using a practical approach rather than imposing or overlaying my own principles, allowing for an organic route to the development of future actions to take place. Based on what the client reveals; a broader picture of what works and what sabotages success pathways often emerges along with behaviour patterns that are obstacles to success in either a life or business context.

One vital ingredient of a personal growth coach is the necessity to help the client establish their “life purpose or mission”. Guiding them through discovering this life purpose and ensuring that their goals are in alignment with this purpose and not pulling against it is the most challenging aspect of this role.

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