What is Business Growth Coaching?

 How I can help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business in a structured and profitable way.


Author: Gary Morgan

At the heart of my role as a business growth coach is to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business in a structured and profitable way. The focus is on the creation of shared actionable timelines through the provision of personalised advice and plans all aimed at increased turnover and business growth.

The challenge is always to create an environment where individuals flourish within their business by developing their strengths and identifying and modifying their weaknesses.

As part of the coaching process in order to create the “business growth mindset” the following considerations are central to the success of any value proposition:

  • Curiosity and probing questions designed to lead to valuable insights and perspectives.
  • Keeping the business owner engaged and accountable for the delivery of their business goals.
  • Self-awareness on behalf of the business owner that enables them to work on their business rather than in

There are numerous benefits to be gleaned by following this path:

  • An increased in the individual’s performance, productivity, and confidence.
  • A clear picture of what success looks like and how to get there.
  • Enhanced decision-making skills and development of soft skills.
  • Having a coach to bounce around and discuss ideas with – we all know how lonely it can be at the top!
  • Provide for accountability and most importantly growth.

As well as realising business and turnover growth, here are 3 other areas where I believe I can truly make a difference to your business:

  1. Time management – ideal if you are a workaholic and are looking at stepping out of your business in the near future.
  2. Team management – ensuring you have employed the right people and they are being managed and developed in a manner to secure loyalty and create excellent relationships with your clients.
  3. Helping you with your marketing – ensuring you are attracting interest, converting leads, and creating and delivering to customers consistently and in a sustainable way.

I strive to provide the perfect balance between providing advice, constructing frameworks, and allowing the business owner more degrees of freedom that will produce consistent, predictable results and grow your business.

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