Why your sales team should ‘sell and serve’.

Do you have sales agents that focus on getting the sale and nothing else?

Do they pass the buck post-sale?

Do they take ownership?

Author: Gary Morgan

I work with many Sales Managers and their sales teams that seem fixated with ‘closing the sale’. Do not get me wrong from a sales perspective I get it. You want to close the deal. Make the sale etc.

The thing is, if the focus is on ‘closing the sale’ and not looking after that customer ‘post sale’, nurturing that customer and building a relationship with them, then they will soon leave you for one of your competitors that will not treat them as just another closed sales lead. The focus must be on customer retention.

How to sell and serve

One way to ‘sell and serve’ is by ensuring your salespeople leave the customer with their direct telephone number and email address. Why? Because this reassures them that they will be dealt with if any issues should arise.

Secondly, train your salespeople to make a ‘follow up call’ within the first month to check that everything is as it should be.

If you train your salespeople to apply the suggestions above, then they will be equipped to ‘close the sale’ and more importantly retain the customer post sale.

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