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In a 1959 speech, John F. Kennedy suggested that the word “Crisis” was comprised of 2 Chinese characters – one representing danger: the other opportunity. It is now widely recognised that this was an incorrect interpretation, however, JFK’s foresight in suggesting that a crisis can create unique opportunities now seems to resonate louder than ever.

Author: Gary Morgan

Take the world of sales and leadership training, a personable, highly interactive medium for learning, which went into Coronavirus lockdown at approximately the same time as other educational enterprises. This had the potential to arrest a critical element of individual employee’s management development and negatively influence a companies’ culture and core values. Thanks to the digital age though, this discipline has been completely re-energised thanks to online, virtual zoom calls.

To further misquote President Kennedy: “that is how you turn a problem into an opportunity” – It was actually attributable to another US President… John Adams!!

It is fair to say that the table below highlights the key benefits of how the virtual world impacts the world of training

Face to Face TrainingVirtual “Zoom” TrainingCost Saving
Need for Travel and accommodationNO Need for Travel and accommodation – also applies to traineesYes
Travel TimeNO Travel time – for trainees alsoYes
Full DayHalf a day – trainees can apply learning immediately post trainingYes
Provision of Course Materials – handouts, printed slide decks etcElectronically distributedYes

The time saving element alone seems to reinforce the virtual training world’s greatest attributes. This applies not only to the trainer but also the trainee, as they learn in the comfort of their own surroundings, no need for travel and are able to quickly implement learning the same day, as each module is now only half a day rather than a full day.

Having witnessed firsthand the effectiveness that virtual learning provides my clients, I am in complete awe of “The Zoom Training Delivery Method”.

Please do not take my word for it though here is a client’s view…

“Having received training from you previously, it is appreciated how you have quickly adapted the sessions  and delivery of them to take into account firstly new technology requirements and also to ensure us delegates get the most from them as we have done previously in ‘normal’ circumstances”

I feel as a delegate I am still getting the same level of benefit and understanding as I have done previously being face to face.

Samantha Davies

Operations Manager – Lumley Insurance Limited

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