Harley Street Dental Group

Dr. A. Thorne – Director and founder, Harley Street Dental Group:

“Gary worked with us for 6 months, to develop the patient journey, from the initial enquiry via email or telephone to consultation to treatment plan closure.

We have 6 treatment coordinators, who liaise with the patients and each initially had their own style, but were not always ‘on the same page’. With around 150 new patients per month, we wanted to make sure we understood their needs and offer them the care they deserve. Too often we work on solutions based treatments and not the person behind the smile.

Gary systemised the processes we had and helped them develop closing skills at every step of the journey, this led to an increased uptake of treatment and conversions from consults from an average of 50-60% to over 75%. By working on customer relations we have increased our word-of-mouth recommendations. These are always the best referrals.

All of these factors have allowed us to improve our customer care, reduce our marketing spend and improve the bottom line.

Having worked with different businesses on communication skills he was able to bring this knowledge to our dental practice as we have a wide demographic of clients! With his clear and direct approach, we also engaged him for our 3 and 5-year business strategy planning sessions with the directors.

I would recommend Gary for any customer facing business looking to improve the client experience”

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