How BlockBusters’ call centre went from ok to brilliant

Coaching helped the call centre staff at BlockBusters to understand their objectives and improve their sales and customer service.

BlockBusters company overview

BlockBusters is a plumbing and drainage company based in Brighton. Established for over 25 years, they have a team of plumbers offering a comprehensive service across the south east. Their call centre takes calls from people enquiring about plumbing and drainage work in the local area.


BlockBusters found that their call centre was not performing well; although they were receiving a good number of calls these were not converting into paid work at a high enough rate. They needed to find a way to energise the call centre staff and improve their conversion rate whilst still offering great customer service.


A contact suggested BlockBusters work with Gary Morgan, suggesting that he could offer a modern, positive approach to training and coaching the call centre staff. After a positive initial meeting, Gary visited BlockBusters for a day-long session where he coached the call centre team in customer service and sales skills.


Kieran Connolly, Managing Director of BlockBusters described their experience of training with Gary as “an enjoyable, positive experience.” Since their training with Gary, BlockBusters have been able to identify specific areas where they can improve call retention and provide a more positive response for each customer. They immediately noticed a more positive tone in their call handlers, and were pleased to put a system in place where they can retain as many calls and jobs as possible. This is good news for their business and for their call handlers who are now happier in their work.

BlockBusters originally hired Gary to work only with their call centre staff, but after experiencing such positive results, they have decided to work with him on an ongoing basis. They have now hired him to train all of their team members in key skills such as customer service, as well as coaching the BlockBusters management team in leadership skills.

“We would highly recommend Gary as we believe he’s got a fresh positive approach to coaching/training”

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