Interact CC Ltd

Tina Squire -Director Interact CC Ltd:

“I have worked with Gary for over 10 years in variety of capacities.

About a year ago we asked Gary to scope out some training for our organisation’s leadership training. Gary listened to our needs and pain points were and created something that suits our business perfectly.

In terms of delivery he goes well beyond the mechanics of your business and consistently delivers beyond expectations. You can trust Gary to have the right tone with all your staff. He is suitably hands on and everyone feel like they have their own coach with Gary. In my experience from working with consultants and coaches, Gary provides what a lot of people can’t. He takes it into the emotional and more personal for each individual.

The output value that we’ve seen from our leaders is greater buy in to their role and the company. `Regardless of the module covered it’s always confidence building for participants. We’ve also had an unexpected output of feedback on our business as a whole including invaluable gap analysis and real valuable insights.

I do not hesitate to recommend Gary to any business.”

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