S1 EP7: Life in the Charity Sector | Teaching young people that your current path doesn’t define your future

In the latest episode of Your Path to Purpose I talk to Beccy Bowden who works in for the Surrey Community foundation which helps charities and community foundations in Surrey to support the people in need of the most help.Although perception is that Surrey is an affluent county, there are over 23k children in the area living in poverty with many children by the age of 15yrs believing that this now their "lot." These charities do wonderful things to try and teach young people that their current path doesn't need to define their future lives.Beccy has had an extensive career in Science. She has previously worked as a conduit between the Science sector and government to ensure that science is considered when writing government policy and she has already worked in counter terrorism travelling all over the world to utilise science to prevent people being hurt in the future.When Beccy first moved into the Charity sector her goal was to inspire children, especially girls to find out more about the world of science and to empower more young people to look for careers in this field.

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