Developing a Healthy and Effective Communication Style


Communication is the giving and receiving of information or news between parties. It is much more than talking. During an exchange, there are multiple layers of communication happening simultaneously. As important as talking is, the value of listening is equally important.

Powerful communication:

  • Can build rapport and trust.
  • Can divide and create defensiveness.
  • Can encourage and uplift.
  • Can discourage and create strife.

This course is designed to give you an introductory look at healthy communication and how to develop a unique communication style all your own. The goal is to educate you about the characteristics and traits of healthy communicators and help hone specific skills. These skills will help you in all aspects of your life. Being able to effectively communicate will open doors that may otherwise have stayed closed. It can increase your credibility and influence while making it easier for you to get along with others and motivate them.


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