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Striving for personal and business growth can be a lonely, scary quest.

I use captivating storytelling and relatable, real-life examples. My public speaking takes audiences on a transformative journey designed to inspire action. Carefully constructed speaking engagements have the power to provoke thought and I charge my audiences with positive emotions, boosting their self-belief.

I can delve into a particular topic to unlock valuable insights and achieve “a-ha” moments. Alternatively, I can focus on universal business and personal development issues. My sessions focus on helping people to transcend their limits.

My focus is always about “talking the talk” and “walking the walk” to inspire my audience to keep pushing and to achieve both their life and business goals.

"Gary delivered an informative and easily actionable keynote for us, on business networking best practices. Delivered with humour and in simple terms everyone could implement into their networking activity, Gary added excellent value to our event! Would highly recommend."

Bradley Hatchett

Founder, Network My Club

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