Since starting my coaching journey, I have worked with numerous companies, a great deal of which have helped to shape the programmes of work that I provide and are a source of continued inspiration to my service offering.

My main requests from my clients, is a timely assessment of how I have performed. This feedback ensures I am consistently reviewing, improving, evolving, adapting, and enhancing my service offering.

A selection of these great words and testimonials are displayed below…

My time with Gary was time well spent and he will be my go-to guy moving forward. He gave me the confidence and skills to consistently perform at the highest level since.

He worked with me closely to identify strengths and weaknesses and through his vast knowledge and experience, provided simple and effective methods to support my growth as a salesman. We highlighted the importance of my daily routine, setting specific and achievable goals and how to work towards them day by day. Every base was covered but these areas specifically changed the trajectory of my career, which is a credit to Gary's ability to identify an individual's key motivators and how to get the best out of them.

Training and coaching via third party has a stereotype of being dry and dull, but Gary Morgan provides a refreshing experience that is never short of laughs, and more importantly - rewards.

Jordan Slater

Team Manager, Golley Slater

Gary was a speaker at Elmbridge Women in Business and talked about not being afraid to answer the telephone.He was engaging, clear and professional in his presentation. At no time did we get bored, he kept our attention.Lots of tips on answering the telephone were given. We all left thinking about answering the telephone in a different manner. He was engaging and humorous and showed us how to build relationships by telephone.

I would highly recommend Gary as a speaker and trainer.

Leonie Wright

Nutrition Coach, Speaker and Author at EatWright

Gary is just brilliant! You so very rarely come across such passion, enthusiasm, and fantastic humour, all whilst delivering such incredible professional business coaching! Over several customer service sessions, it was clear to see just how effective Gary’s strategies were on both a business and personal level. Having only just joint a new team at the time, Gary was great in integrating everyone’s skillset, instilling confidence, and striving for a more successful enjoyable working atmosphere. No session was a bore. Gary kept us engaged, intrigued and willing to dive into new methods of communication, which, without his support, would have been most daunting! Just having Gary in the room really perked our moods! As well as gaining an exciting new business mindset, we gained a true supportive, and genuinely caring friend. Thank you, Gary! All these years later, you are certainly the most memorable individual I have come across and I hope others are lucky enough to meet you and gain from your tremendous expertise!

Natasha Joshi

Senior Hygienist, Gardens Dental

Having attended Gary's Sales EQ workshop yesterday, the impact on me has been immediate and I believe will make a great difference to me and my business. Gary's workshop was excellently facilitated by him and each of the delegates had specific issues answered by Gary with expert advice and pragmatic skills. I highly recommend him.

Martin Kingman

Director, Professional Legal Collections

Gary is a ray of sunshine! One of the most positive and motivating people I have spoken to. An absolute pleasure to work with. We have had loads of brilliant feedback from a keynote talk Gary did at one of our business networking events. Gary is super knowledgable, approachable and a genuinely nice guy. Real asset to our membership base.

Claudia Gurr

Events & Membership Manager, Network My Club

I attended Gary’s workshop and found it to be informative and insightful. I learned a great deal about emotional intelligence which I have already started to apply in my day to day communications with prospective clients and I am certain that continued application will result in new instructions. Gary is an exceptional coach – professional and passionate about what he does in equal measure.

Marcella Cox

Director & Head of Litigation, Vyman Solicitors

Gary came and provided my team and I with a very valuable session on sales and the different ways we can approach it or adapt to different situations. Perfect training for those in their first sales job right up to those with years in the field but perhaps stuck in their ways and looking for fresh new approaches.

Jason Alborough

London Regional Manager at The Supply Room

Gary delivered his leadership programme with my colleagues and I throughout 2019.

The areas he covered and the content of his modules have truly resonated with me. If there is a skills gap in your management team or you simply want to see improved efficiencies amongst your workforce, then I cannot recommend Gary enough.

Joe Saf

Sales Coach, Golley Slater

I and my team really enjoyed the recent course, which in addition to your really easy and pleasant manner, and the examples used which really struck a note with us, we all found the day helpful and was able to take something away with us, as to how to take a different approach with people.

A few weeks on, I can see the benefits in the team coming through, and would have no hesitation to recommending you, and look forward to arranging the next sessions.

Michael Jackson

Director of High Court Services, Marston Group Limited

I have had the pleasure of working with Gary on a few occasions. Gary takes the time to understand what you are actually looking for and makes sure that he has delivered what you need to reach you and your colleagues full potential. His commitment and passion for what he does is evident and will leave you both inspired and transformed.

Neil Presland

Service Development & Pricing Manager, Thames Water

I met Gary a couple of years back when he came to my place of work to deliver a course to us. From the minute I sat down I knew that it was going to be fun and interesting. Not only did the course benefit us at work, but it also benefitted me as a person. Gary could tell instantly that I wasn't one of the loud ones, and was more than happy to just sit through the course and say I'd done it. By the end of his time with us as a company, me and Gary actually became friends. He helped me grow professionally but personally too.

Hannah Knowles

Recruitment Manager, Mainstream Group

I was introduced to Gary earlier this year and I have to say it was a very fortuitous meeting. Every business has to have a plan to sell more product and Shergroup is no different. So as part of our Sales and Marketing plan we had a need to train our people in Sales. Gary came along and struck just the right tone for us. We wanted a trainer who was personable, professional and expert and who got under the skin of our company. Gary ticked all the boxes very quickly. His training was very innovative and slightly off the wall - which suited us. We like to be innovative.

Since the initial training we have come up with a plan which involves Gary supporting us going forward. This support is practical and based on experience. For me it cements the training beforehand and is very good value. Gary continues to inject enthusiasm and confidence into our project and gives great feedback. Thanks Gary - we appreciate the support!

Claire Sandbrook

Chief Executive Officer, Shergroup

I have been using Gary's coaching and training service for three years now, and can definitely vouch for his passion and helpfulness in delivering a training programme to suit our needs.

Moreover he is a great sounding board to bounce ideas off, always motivating me in looking for opportunities out of what may appear as difficulties. Our business has grown steadily in the right direction, and Gary continues to make sure we stay focussed all the way through. Very approachable and easy to talk to, I would recommend Gary to anyone who is serious about strengthening their business!

Harsh Shah

Owner, Eyewise Opticians

Attended one of Gary's sessions last year. Was informative, refreshing and learnt techniques that I still use in the recruitment sector to date.

R Clark

Sales Manager, The Supply Room

I met Gary a decade ago when he trained me as a team leader. His training was instrumental in my growth within my industry and he gave me the confidence and insight I needed to help get me to where I am today. When we needed a leadership trainer and coach to develop our own management team here at Interact, the first person we turned to was Gary and his work is giving Interact's managers the confidence and insight they need to grow in their roles and go on to be great business leaders in the future.

Sarah Leff

Director, Interact CC

Gary ran a successful and inspiring session for The Supply Room last year. He is full of energy and passion for what he does, but also bringing out the best of those around him. he had great ideas and encouraged us to work together to be innovative and inspiring for our clients/candidates.

I enjoyed the training immensely and took a lot away from the day, that I still think of now!

If you are looking for someone who can really find the positives in your role and give you long-lasting techniques for a successful career, choose Gary!

Lara Tipper

Team Leader at The Supply Room

I was recently a part of a small group workshop with Gary via Zoom and am incredibly pleased to have had the opportunity to attend. The session was an excellent mix of tips, conversation and strategy. The tasks were kept open and allowed us to really explore the concepts as a group and not only learn from Gary's coaching, but also learn from each other through the conversations and debates that were sparked from each segment. Would highly recommend for anyone running a business!

Oliver Lashley

Director, Pure Storm Digital Services

I recently attended Gary's EQ Sales Workshop. The session enabled me to learn a lot about myself, and highlighted several areas for me to work on. I feel that I can now engage in sales conversations more purposefully and with more understanding.

Gary is a born communicator who truly knows how to engage with his audience. His light touch, empathy, quick thinking and powerful messaging made the workshop a really memorable experience. I thoroughly recommend Gary's coaching and mentoring!

Andy Knap

Director, ER Information Systems

We contacted Gary to provide Client Engagement Training. His unique style of engaging staff in the interactive workshops proved to be both stimulating and inspirational.

Michelle Peel

Co-founder, Complete Community Care

Great professional skills, positive thinking, enthusiasm and generosity. I really enjoyed my training with Gary!

Oscar Valdez

Lettings Manager, Colin Bibra Estate Agents

Gary is a one off. A true expert in his field. Energy levels most of us could only dream of and a unique and highly successful way of inspiring individuals and teams to achieve the best out of themselves. I have worked with Gary for a number of years and have never once questioned his impact...he quickly understands your businesses core challenges and implements coaching programmes that always deliver and which always result in immediate uplifts in your sales teams performance. It’s rare you can say that about sales coaches.

And most of all for me, he is a true gent and a pleasure to be around.

Jason Horsman

CEO & Founder at Ampli

Gary came to our office recently to provide a one-day sales training session. From the outset, Gary was wa pleasure to deal with. He listened to our requirements and tailored his delivery to ensure all areas we required were covered. The session was delivered in a format that meant the team were able to interact and digest the information in a way that would help them remember it. We felt the session was highly beneficial and gave the team the confidence and knowledge to get on the phones and speak with people in a difficult marketplace! We have seen a direct uplifty in business in response to this training.

Lauren Pool

Senior Manager, Travail Employment Group

Gary trained our Inside Sales team on the structure of a call, call planning and call etiquette. The team warmed to his relaxed, personable style and always reference back to his guidance. Gary isn’t a “classroom” trainer and even includes call shadowing which provides invaluable feedback in the moment.

Richard Grieveson

Head of Dental Professional at Philips

Gary has provided myself and my teammates ongoing support over the last few months. He delivered two great workshops for us on giving effective feedback and how to keep our teams motivated, tailoring them specifically to our needs. He has both inspired and motivated us to be better leaders. I would thoroughly recommend him as a leadership coach.

Ani Martirossian

President, University of Exeter

Our team have had a good few online coaching sessions with Gary, he is enthusiastic, engaging and down to earth. The whole team enjoy the sessions and are working together to put his advice into practice and starting to see results. Thanks Gary!

Cleopatra Darwish

Specialist Orthodontist, Confidental

I attended a swim coaches convention where Gary gave us an excellent talk. Gary could see a flaw in the business model of a lot of coaches. By following a couple of his simple tips (which with hindsight are obvious but isn't that always the way?) I was able to transform my swim coaching business from a part-time hobby job to a busy second career.

James Ewart

Director, Total Immersion

I've been through several coaching and management training sessions with Gary. I always found them insightful, inspiring and incredibly useful. Gary has definitely helped with my personal development in both work and life.

Ed Nix

Quality Assurance Manager, Interact CC

Gary has delivered two fantastic workshops for myself and my teammates which have significantly helped us to develop our own leadership potentials. The workshops were delivered over Zoom and Gary’s professional and friendly personality made it really easy to engage with the content. The sessions were highly informative and I learnt a lot about how to motivate others and give effective feedback. I have proceeded to use these skills in my day to day work. I would highly recommend Gary as a leadership coach and I look forward to upcoming sessions.

Meghan Salsbury

Vice President, University of Exeter

I highly recommend Gary and all that comes from working with him! - He is one in a million. Gary provided management training at my company and I participated in modules ranging from coaching to time management to personal impact to managing behaviour. His engaging, good-humoured, calm and positive style helped everyone get on board right from the start and we would all look forward to our days of learning, a great way for all the managers to bond and learn together. What I gained from the course was not only practical guidance on improving my own management style, but the sessions had a huge positive influences on my personal life and growth, too. Gary inspired me to set goals and reach them, to believe in my team and our abilities, to lead from the front and to always be learning. Teaching invaluable skills in a discussion-led way from an expert who has years of hands-on experience was just what we needed and I will go on to reap the benefits for years to come.

Lydia Wainwright

Team Manager, Interact CC

Gary's warming and ambitious personality makes it's really easy to be motivated by him. I have been working with gary on my business for just a short time and he has given me valuable ongoing support. He knows which questions to ask and what people to network you with, to get you inspired and motivated every meeting. Thank you Gary!

Jade Anderson

Director, Powerhouse Social

Absolutely brilliant training, learning how to communicate with patients and colleagues Gary has a very warm and friendly yet always professional personality and will get you out of your comfort zone.

Samantha Dickinson

Practice Manager, Hillton Dentistry

Attended Gary's EQ Sales workshop today. Having attended various sales training courses over the past twenty years I found today's session to be much more relevant for 2020's business environment. The combination of the EQ (emotional intelligence) concepts that Gary works through combined with the very interactive nature of the workshop left me both enthused and wishing I'd learnt some of the concepts years ago! I would thoroughly recommend Gary Morgan Coaching if you are serious about developing yourself or your sales teams capabilities.

Chris Daines

Director, Freshmill

Gary really takes the time to understand what you are looking for and to ensure that he delivers what you want. He takes the time to make sure that what he empowers you with works for you. I have worked with Gary on various occasions now and would have no hesitation in recommending him. He's also a decent chap as well!

Neil Presland

Service Development Manager, Thames Water

Gary has that great mix of enthusiasm and experience that energises any meeting. He REALLY understands the importance of ethical practice, too. He connects with everyone in the team making it a whole lot easier to implement the improvements we want to make. I highly recommend Gary to any practice that wants to build a high quality, professional service.

Andrew Toy

Invisalign Dentist and Dental Educator

Gary is an energetic, enthusiastic and engaging trainer with excellent communication skills. I had the pleasure of working with Gary as a sales professional in what was a very demanding role, and could see him progressing to bigger and better things due to his sheer willingness to learn and a thirst for better ways of delivering his message to clients. This has led hid him to become the trainer that he is today. I have already referred Gary's services on to my past and existing places of work, and I remain confident in his abilities to deliver.

Mandhir Sidhu

Director, Stanway Interiors

I've taken part in two of Gary's training sessions and I must say he is amazing! Gary keeps me drawn in during the whole session as his training approach works extremely well with my style of processing information/learning. I always enjoying hearing what he has to say. He has definitely opened up my eyes to what customers service should be like.

Rea H

Manager, Motive8

Having worked in my Industry for over 30 years to a very satisfactory level, I was unsure Gary could teach an old dog new tricks. However after working with Gary, he gave me the confidence to communicate much more effectively and how simply tweaking interactions and following his advice can make such a difference to the end result. Gary delivers his training in a relaxed manner that is informative and kept the whole team engaged. I highly recommend Gary's training to any business.

Diane Layton

Practice Manager, Gardens Dental

Who knew that sales training on the phone could be so fun, stimulating, thought provoking and challenging? Gary obviously does as his training talks, workshops and seminars are all these and more. A really excellent speaker - book him while you can!

Nicci Bonfanti

Media Studies Coordinator and Teacher

Gary is my go-to person. Whenever I need business advice I make sure I reach out to him as he is an exceptional listener which is why he makes such a great Coach. He has been coaching both me and my team for a couple of years, and on top of being a great coach , he is also an easy-going and motivational person. If you are a business leader and want to either improve yourself or your team then I definitely recommend Gary. If you are looking for the best of the best then contact Gary without delay.

Anita Stylo-Laskowska

Head of Hospitality, Tottenham Football Club

Gary is a well established, passionate and energetic business coach, who is able to draw on 30 years of experience. This knowledge and delivery method is invaluable when delivering tailored workshops, to allow both an intuitive and interactive environment to learn and better yourself. This learning has directly transferred in my day to day work, allowing me to perform and deliver more efficiently to the business.

Matt Gotch

Manager, Rolls-Royce

Having successfully initiated a bespoke training program Gary has coached, mentored and ultimately seen through a transformation process, facilitating the creation of a whole new middle management layer.

John Lumley

CEO/Chairman Lumley Insurance

Gary Morgan Coaching is a must for any business big or small. I have worked with Gary numerous times with different teams over the years and his way of working is always professional and relatable. I have seen positive results from Gary's coaching sessions, and would highly recommend to anyone looking to increase their teams successes and increase business profitability.

Emily Ingleton

Treatment Co-ordinator, Harley Street Dental Group

Working with Gary has been valuable. I found him as someone with great experience as well as a profound understanding of business solutions, but without the need for complexity. Gary just keeps it simple. He doesn’t separate business problems and personalities – he brings the two together to provide clarity and calm and a unique personalised perspective on solving problems which are unique to those being coached.
No matter how complex (or over-thought) the problem is, he will always come up with simple common-sense solutions that are easy to implement.

I would recommend him at the drop of a hat for any sales and leadership coaching that your business might require.

Energetic and broad-minded coach - that's Gary!

Liam McNally

Head of Agency, Golley Slater

I signed up to the course and if I’m being honest didn’t expect much from it, I’d been on various courses previously with non delivering and we were just made to sit through hours of PowerPoint presentations. This one was so much different being well structured, engaging, informative but most of all fun! I have taken so much away from the lead with confidence course using skills learnt that I still use today whether it’s when having difficult work conversations or delivering an important message. Gary is a great speaker who displays great enthusiasm for what he does delivering his courses with passion and drive. Somebody I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Andrew Hilton

Manager, Home Office

Gary Morgan helped transform the management and wider team at Lumley Insurance. He coached, mentored and facilitated us through a re-organisation whilst simultaneously training our new leaders with a full range of management skills including the all important module where he trained the trainers. I could not be happier with the outcome and I have no hesitation in recommending Gary’s services which have paid for themselves

John Lumley

Chairman and Managing Director, Lumley Insurance Limited

Gary's years of experience and boundless energy will help any business boost their customer service levels to new heights. Highly recommended!

Andrew Toy

Dental Educator, Invisalign Europe

I have known Gary for about 18 months and when I met him I found to easy to see why he is successful. He has an open & honest approach to business and a real understanding of effective business development – it is all good and well learning how to hook a fish, but reeling them in is a real skill.

His expertise in pipeline conversation, actually making the sale and using the phone effectively is unchallenged – he understands a client’s issues, implements the training programme and delivers the results, a real end to end process.

I asked Gary to present at one of our recent Bitesize Business Breakfasts and the feedback was excellent across the board – there was no “flashy” PowerPoint or gimmicky presentation he just kept it simple (as is Gary’s style) with a flipchart, a couple of pens and the keys messages he delivered.

I would recommend Gary’s services to any of my contacts/clients and look forward to working with him in the future.

Simon Clark

Accountant and Finance Director

We needed a trainer with extensive and real experience in selling and training people in how to sell. After meeting with Gary a few times it was clear that these were skills and abilities he was really familiar with.

He is enthusiastic and he knows his field well. As the organizer I found that participants of all ages really took to him as a coach and a mentor, wanting to learn from his ideas and experience and what more can you ask for.

I don’t believe you can really teach sales unless you are a good sales person yourself and I think Gary ticks all of these boxes.

Tina Squire

I first worked with Gary Morgan in the Autumn of 2009 when he delivered a workshop for me as part of a set of seminars to support unemployed Professionals and Executives. Gary delivered a workshop on ‘Building confidence toward finding a job’ which was exceedingly well received by the attendees. Gary has a confident style of delivery that brings the audience together in an inclusive manner. He brings humour and ease to the situation. I was particularly impressed with the way he brought this senior group of people together at a particularly sensitive time. I would have no hesitation using him again and would highly recommend him to any organisation looking to train their staff.

Lisa Sharp

Economic Growth Senior Manager, Brent Council

Gary’s EQ workshop was a really great online session and exceeded my expectations on a multitude of levels. Emotional Intelligence has been a phrase that I had heard mentioned in business situations and I had not truly grasped its true meaning. This workshop went a long way in demonstrating how an understanding and awareness of the various composite scales of your own emotions can greatly contribute positive outcomes especially within a selling environment. Even online, Gary’s training methods, create warmth and empathy within the delegates providing the platform for positive energy and interaction within the audience. From a personal perspective, the main takeaway, was how to recognise scenarios where there is a need to exercise restraint and resilience and knowing how and when to apply these characteristics in the sales arena, in order to maximise the selling opportunity.
I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to anyone who is keen on gaining an insight into how they can use their emotions to become better sales professionals and leaders in business.

Sas Soubhi

Director, Business Medics

I first came across Gary when he was invited to deliver a Customer Service based workshop at my work place. Having attended a couple of those previously, I was interested as to how interactive and engaging it will be. Gary did not disappoint - the workshop was extremely informative, well planned and greatly managed. Since then I have attended another workshop of his, this time through Zoom. The virtual workshop was just as enjoyable as the one in person. I would highly recommend Gary for personal or business development queries, as I truly believe he is great at what he does!

Monika Śmiechowska

Manager, Motive8

What can I say about Gary? Well if you want a speaker and trainer who will motivate, enliven and enrich your business AND give you great ideas and advice in a way that ensures you understand and can implement it within your business then you need Gary Morgan.

Anyone serious about business success needs to hear this man speak, and The Business Woman's Network welcomes back such a great expert anytime.

Looking forward to working with Gary again in the future.

Mandie Holgate

Gary delivered an informative and easily actionable keynote for us, on business networking best practices. Delivered with humour and in simple terms everyone could implement into their networking activity, Gary added excellent value to our event! Would highly recommend.

Bradley Hatchett

Founder, Network My Club

I have always found Gary's training sessions thought provoking, inspirational and ultimately profitable.

Hap Gill

Senior Lecturer at The City of London Dental School

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