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It takes a small mindset change to achieve transformational shifts in your business. Embrace the power of leadership by understanding your mindset and discovering your strengths through leadership development training with Gary Morgan Coaching. Resolve the pains of inefficient management, low productivity, and poor team morale. Learn how to empower your employees through positive reinforcements. Inspire a hunger in them to do better and be better. Start working on your business, instead of in the business.

All great leaders share a similar psychology and attitude. This is a learnable, attainable skill, not a godsent superpower. High employee turnover, low staff engagement and inefficient management can cost more than money. Bring new energy to your organisation through effective leadership training. Discover what motivates your team. Learn to create deeper, more meaningful connections with both staff and customers.

My effective leadership and management training workshops will help you uncover the root causes behind poor performance. Your organisation can shake off the constraints of uninspired leadership. I will design a bespoke, results-oriented training programme for your team and address the core issues and skills gaps in your business, allowing you to transform culture and mindset.

My leadership development training will help you:

  • Culturally engage with your staff and retain your talent
  • Understand the importance of key performance indicators and achieve goals and objectives
  • Create a communicative and collaborative work environment
  • Enhance employee loyalty and create the nucleus of dependable and committed staff

My leadership coaching programmes will help you to learn:

  • How to communicate your vision and powerful messages to your team
  • To use an array of different communication styles and learn how these can be adapted for each situation you encounter
  • How to harness the confidence to conduct difficult conversations and effect positive outcomes
  • How to constructively challenge your colleagues and influence the best outcomes for your team
  • How to create a leadership brand persona which has your distinctive footprint
  • You will also receive an appraisal of your own personal leadership style with customised feedback.

What are 5 top leadership skills?

There is no simple way to describe great leadership skills. Usually there are long, lengthy lists which describe the attributes of leadership skills needed to become a great leader in the working environment.

In essence though good leaders have developed skills that enable them to lead and deliver projects, encourage initiatives, build a sense of common purpose, and empower others.

Leadership skills also include people’s ability to steer employees toward the achievement of business goals, inspire them, drive change, and deliver results.

Here are 5 key skills leadership skills that are most in-demand and will show signs of great leadership:

  1. Active listening and clear communication
  2. Empathy
  3. The capacity to think creatively and strategically
  4. The ability to inspire and convince others.
  5. Being adaptable and flexible

What do you learn in leadership training?

Leadership training courses are designed to help build self-confidence and wisdom.

Their purpose is to empower the individual to succeed, by teaching valuable skills which can help to lead you to the next level. By surrounding your staff with high performing leaders, they can help to clarify your business vision and gain a grounding in the core values of the business.

My training courses also encourage introspection and evaluation of positive and negative elements of daily tasks and people interactions; teaching you how to influence people, and shape and mould their thinking. This is often considered the more complex elements of leadership training but a vital component of the mix in the creation of strong future leaders.

What types of leadership training courses are there? 

Every business is different, and every leader is an individual with specific requirements and challenges. As a result, following detailed discussions with the business owner, I will tailor a bespoke programme of leadership courses for your business which can take numerous forms:

  • Coaching as a leader
  • Managing performance and behaviour
  • Motivating and inspiring staff
  • Managing team conflict
  • Presentation skills

Who should be considered for leadership training?

Leadership courses are not designed to be widely available throughout all layers of the business. They need to be selective and only staff who have shown great potential, hunger, and desire to move to the next level should be considered. This should also be shown in a positive light by highlighting career paths with the business and using previous success stories as examples and mentors.

A concerted annual appraisal process goes a long way to identify the key people for whom leadership training is essential to lock in and develop talent organically.

  • Business owners, directors, and senior managers with many years’ experience
  • Recently promoted managers
  • Individuals identified as future potential leaders can be fast-tracked for leadership training

Why should I invest in leadership training?

Leadership training improves the person-to-person connection needed to inspire, motivate, and develop the next generation of leaders. At the heart of any investment in people is a recognition that the individual is going to be a model representative of the brand and effectively communicate the benefits of the products and services their business is offering. Getting this perfect balance is critical to sales success and the reason to invest in the delivery of my leadership training courses.

Other reasons for investing include customer retention, improved communication, brand consistency, retention of top talent, awareness and understanding of the need for better administrative skills.

What are the benefits for staff to go on leadership training courses?

Leadership training needs to be carefully considered for key people within the organisation who are ready to take the next step.

From a business owner perspective, the main benefits of developing strong future leaders are:

  • People retention
  • Nurturing future leaders
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Implementation of an effective leadership style. …

Is there “One on One” leadership training for senior directors? 

“Every day is a school day”, and senior directors are no exception to the rule.

It is important to emphasise that leadership development is deep rooted within the culture of your business and sends out a clear message to all staff. It also refreshes the need for senior managers to set expectations for line managers and hold them accountable, by building a senior team around them.

Are there leadership training courses available online?

Inspiring success is the hallmark of strong leaders. As a result, it is crucial that effective leaders can set goals, inspire others, and guide an organisation to continued and sustained triumphs.

The need to find alternative ways to continue to develop leaders has also led us to embrace new and novel training delivery methods using the latest technologies. My “virtual coaching” offering has enabled me to fulfil a “business as usual” mindset as I continue to offer a full complement of services that include online leadership training and coaching.

Your Investment: 1-2-1 Leadership Coaching

Would you like to grow your business? Are you experiencing a business challenge and unsure what to do? If you are a business owner or director and would like my help, call me on 020 8337 5937 or send an email to gary@garymorgan.coach

6 Month Agreement:

  • One hour per month £325.00 + VAT per hour – £1,950.00
  • Two hours per month £300.00 + VAT per hour – £3,600.00

12 Month Agreement:

  • One hour per month £275.00 + VAT per hour – £6,600.00
  • Two hours per month £250.00 + VAT per hour – £6,000.00

Your Investment: Leadership Team Training

Have you got managers in your business that would benefit from leadership training? I have developed a leadership training programme that enables new and experienced managers to learn and improve in all of the key areas of leadership, such as:

  • Coaching as a leader
  • Managing performance and behaviour
  • Motivating and inspiring staff
  • Managing team conflict
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management

If you would like your leaders to develop their leadership skills, then please call me on 020 8337 5937 or send an email to gary@garymorgan.coach

Your Investment Six Month Leadership Programme (Maximum 12 employees)

  • 2 days per month (9:30am – 4:30pm) £1,500.00 + VAT per day
  • Monthly Investment £3,000.00 + VAT

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