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Sales opportunities don’t happen; we create them.

Do you ever get the feeling that perhaps you are just not cut out for sales? Feel anxious about putting yourself out there or coming across as too pushy? Seemingly excited, good-fit prospects go quiet and do not convert? Your team is working hard but not getting enough sales? Then you need to take a step back and realign your focus with effective sales training.

There is more than one way to sell; you just need to find what lights your fire. I take a less-trodden approach to sales coaching. My workshops are designed to introduce a more ethical, mindful side of sales and my ethos is rooted in opening up and developing meaningful conversations with clients. All this whilst comfortably reaching your sales targets.

You can affect a real and lasting impact on your business whilst building confidence in your abilities. This could mean improving your presentation skills, boosting your confidence, creating better qualified leads, using the telephone to confidently talk to prospects or advancing networking skills.

Who needs to go on a sales training course?

A simple answer…, “everyone in your business from the business owner to the office junior!” Everyone in your business represents your brand values and a common and consistent approach to sales best practice throughout your team is essential to enhanced business growth. Field salespeople, involved in the day-to-day sales process, especially those who may not be achieving their KPI’s should be top of the list. All members of your telephone selling, telemarketing and customer service teams would also make excellent candidates, they may well benefit in developing skills to upsell or cross-sell. I would also recommend that anyone directly involved in customer facing situations e.g., your receptionist, office manager etc. should be considered for sales training.

What are the key components of a sales training courses?

This will inevitably depend on both the individuals’ and the business’ needs and I will tailor every element of my courses to the business owner’s needs.

Sales training presents an opportunity for even the most seasoned salesperson to refresh their basic skills, especially in relation to:

  • the customer experience
  • the products and marketplace within which the business operates
  • the businesses’ sales process and CRM needs

Why is sales training important?

Sales are the life blood of any organisation and the ultimate contributor to increasing revenue. Underlying the ability to increase or achieve any form of volume growth are essential factors such as the salesperson’s ability to “close more deals”, “set and achieve realistic goals”.. always ensuring that the customer’s needs and expectations are surpassed.

From a business owner’s perspective, it is important to mention that effective sales training also serves to retain your top talent and enhance your reputation.

How do you train a salesperson?

Each programme builds on a well-developed sales process which revolves around industry best practice.

Starting with a grounding in the structure of sales and developing themes that delve into the psychology of sales and how to forge and maintain excellent client relationships.

All my courses are interactive and designed to stimulate, educate, inform, and probe the salesperson’s specific needs.

Why should I invest in sales training?

Sales training improves the person-to-person connection which is required to gain loyal customers. Salespeople must thoroughly understand their potential customers’ wants and needs and simultaneously effectively communicate the benefits of the products and services their business is offering. Getting this perfect balance is critical to sales success and the reason to invest in the delivery of my sales training courses.

Other reasons for investing include customer retention, improved communication, brand consistency, retention of top talent, awareness and understanding of the need for better administrative skills.

How to make cold calling work for your business?

Many sales managers and business leaders say that cold calling has had its day and are now preaching to an unconvertible audience. I totally disagree with this view and work with numerous sales teams that use cold calling to generate leads and much needed revenue.

More information on this subject area is provided in my blog.

What telesales training courses are there for my business?

The aim of telesales is to build repeat business through excellent customer relations. Telesales representatives contact customers to promote offers or to set up appointments to support field sales representatives. Here are 3 training courses I specialise in:

  • Inside sales – the sale of products or services by telesales specialists who contact customers through phone, email, or via the internet.
  • Telesales Inbound – inbound agents receive calls from prospective and existing customers
  • Telesales Outbound – outbound representatives call leads to generate sales.

Why Choose Gary Morgan Coaching for Your Sales Coaching?

  • Proven Results
  • Over 30 years of Sales Experience
  • Affordable
  • Passionate

Sales Training Programs are available in Surrey and Sussex

I provide an active sales training and coaching business operating within the southern side of the M25, bordering the counties of Surrey and Sussex. I offer sales training programmes throughout the UK and have also provided courses as far away as Estonia!

Given, the difficulties that SME’s have encountered in recent months, following the lockdown, I have introduced a suite of online sales training modules.

Online Sales Training

The need to train and develop staff in sales is a perpetual challenge to businesses from all sectors and one that cannot be dismissed, nor side lined. The need to find alternative ways to continue to develop teams in sales functions has led me to embrace new and novel training delivery methods using the latest technologies. Virtual coaching enables me to fulfil my “business as usual” mindset in the pursuit of a full complement of services that includes online sales training.

Your Investment

If you would like me to help your sales teams make more effective telephone calls, convert more enquiries and increase your business revenue, then please call me on 020 8337 5937 or send an email to gary@garymorgan.coach

Your Investment (Maximum 12 employees)

  • Full day (9:30am – 4:30pm) £1,700.00 + VAT
  • Half day (9:30am – 12:30pm or 1:30pm – 4:30pm) £900.00 + VAT

So please do not delay contact me for a free consultation on your staff’s training and coaching needs.

Effective Sales Training Programs

Learn how to break out of a sales slump and tap into new, more profitable sales avenues that feel right for you and your business.

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