If you prefer a more visual form of receiving information, then videos will inevitably be your preferred option. These short bite sized videos have been developed with education and information in mind and offer an extensive collection of articles for you to explore key subjects in greater depth and are designed to help you as you look to achieve your business goals.

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How to be a better networker part 6- Follow up

How to be a better networker part 5- Give it time

How to be a better networker part 4- Be in it to win it

How to be a better networker part 3- Don’t be a bad networker

How to be a better networker part 2- Purpose

How to be a better networker part 1- Build relationships

Managing the stress of working from home webinar

Overcoming negative self talk

The power of using personalised video messages

Telephone Communication versus Email Communication

How to improve sales conversions

Why you should be setting metrics for a Telesales or Inside Sales Teams

Preparation is the key to sales conversions

Are you a procrastinator?

How to create a product knowledge book that will increase sales conversions

How to get more word of mouth leads

Do You Have The Quality Of Stickability? | What Is Stickability?

Is Cold Calling Dead?

Look for the positives | Having A Positive Mindset

Are your salespeople clones of you?

Develop Your Teams Telephone Skills | Phone Sales Training

Communicating Change To Your Employees

Dressed For Business | Home Business Dress Etiquette

Testimonial from my client Michelle Peel who is the Co-Founder of Complete Community Care

Communicate With Home Workers | Remote Working Tips

Learn about my complimentary consultation

Don’t Be a Basil Fawlty | Leadership Skills | Business Tips

It’s not what you know. It’s what you apply

Motivating and Inspiring Business Owners

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