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Central to high sales and leadership performance are individuals’ understanding of the power of emotional intelligence. So, what exactly is Emotional Intelligence?

What Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Emotional intelligence, also referred to as Emotional Quotient, is the ability to be aware of one’s own emotions and the emotions of others, and to manage them in a productive and empathetic manner.

There are five composite EQ scales:

The right combination of these scales equips individuals to approach life in a healthy and productive way.

Fortunately, emotional intelligence is a set of soft skills that can be taught and developed to improve your sales team’s performance and leadership skills, recognising the need to:

  • be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses
  • be resilient and able to bounce back from setbacks and losses
  • have the capability to establish and maintain strong internal and external connections
  • be assertive in obtaining the resources needed to provide quality work
  • be eager to learn and apply new skills and improve their performance
  • be capable of generating self-motivation
  • be skilled at recognising other’s behavioural styles and adapting their own to match

If you want to develop your sales team leadership skills, improve business results, or transition to the next level of personal or professional performance, EQ Coaching provides the perfect platform.  Whether you aspire to become an exceptional leader or need to navigate the minefield of how to handle adversity or manage the day- to- day complexities of business life, I am happy to help you.

Improving your emotional intelligence is at the centre of what I provide for you.

I use the MHS Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0) which is a scientifically developed and validated measure of emotional intelligence. Based on over nineteen years of research initiated by Dr. Rueven Bar-On, it has been tested on over 85,000 individuals worldwide during its validation and the EQ-i 2.0 picks up numerous nuances and shades of how individuals currently function.

What does the EQ-i 2.0 measure?

The EQ-i 2.0 consists of 133 items and takes approximately 15-25 minutes to complete. It is based on the most comprehensive theory of emotional intelligence to date and renders an overall EQ score as well as scores for 5 composite scales and 15 subscales.

Following the completion of the EQ-i 2.0 Self-Assessment form, I would go through your results, highlight your strengths, and pinpoint areas for you to explore and develop your emotional intelligence. It will also give you a detailed picture of how balanced your 15 EQ competencies are. As a qualified EQ coach, we will create a plan designed to help you self-improve.

So, if you are looking at a new way of assessing your leadership skills and developing key selling skills in your team, do not delay, contact me for a free consultation on how an Emotional Intelligence Training programme can transform your business.

Is Emotional Intelligence a skill?

We all use our interpersonal skills to interact with other people. This enables us to communicate appropriately and forge strong and meaningful relationship with individuals. Emotional intelligence goes one step further by developing an understanding into others and their emotions and equips us with actions needed to identify these behaviours. It is a different and more modern way of assessing an individual’s leadership skills and a great way of developing key selling skills.

How can EI/EQ training help your sales team?

Increased awareness of your “self” and others help to establish healthy relationships with customers, partners and suppliers and stimulates better employee work performance. Leading sales teams with high levels of emotional intelligence or EQ, will help to increase turnover and create a positive culture within the company.

Who should be considered for EI/EQ training?

As before this is a straightforward answer…, “everyone in your business from the business owner to the office junior!” Anyone who wants to better manage their own emotions, strengths and skills, or the emotions and skills of their employees.

More specifically, an Emotional Intelligence course is ideally suited for business leaders, managers, top performers, emerging leaders within your organization as well as sales, customer service staff and anyone involved in front of house activities such as receptionists.

Are there online EI/EQ training courses available?

I offer online Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) courses which will teach you how to understand and improve your emotional intelligence. Strong emotional intelligence skills allow us to understand and decisions effectively. EI affects every aspect of your life, this course is ideal for anyone interested in leading a happier and better-balanced life as well as providing the platform to assess your leadership and key selling skills.

Why should I invest in EI/EQ training?

This investment is highly worthwhile, if you want your team to recognise and manage the emotions they are feeling and feel motivated to get jobs done through sensing and responding effectively to the emotions of others then.

The net result of this builds a team where cognition and emotions collide. This in turn facilitates our ability for empathy, reasoning, resilience, communication, and stress management. Making the team adept at recognising and navigating a host of social situations and potential conflicts.

Cultivating a culture of Emotional Intelligence in your team offers the opportunity to live a more fulfilled and happy life, so the investment is a “Win-Win” for both business owner and team member alike

What impact can EI/EQ training have on Sales, Leadership and Customer Service?

Emotional intelligence is widely recognised as a valuable skill that helps improve communication, management, problem-solving, and relationships within the workplace. It is also a skill that researchers believe can be improved with training and practice.

Having a high level of emotional intelligence allows a salesperson or customer service representative to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power of their own emotions during interactions with buyers or clients to improve sales and create empathy rather than derail them.

High emotional intelligence generates the creation of stronger, more solid interpersonal relationships, self- motivation and increased motivation for others, proactivity, innovation, and creativity. High performance for leaders who will work better under pressure and be more adaptable to change, vital characteristics especially during these difficult times.

Should telesales people go on EI courses?

For staff in daily contact with clients and customers by telephone, an Emotional Intelligence course will help to develop greater self-awareness, help to practice self-regulation, cultivate the ability to become intrinsically motivated, improve social skills and become more empathetic.

The key question that is answered are “the dos and don’ts” during customer contact based on the elements of “what the individual has or hasn’t perceived” during the interaction.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

To sell consistently a salesperson needs to be able to overcome objections, break down barriers and build relationships with total strangers sometimes in a short amount of time. Individuals who are high in emotional intelligence can achieve all the above and even more.

“I attended Gary’s workshop and found it to be informative and insightful. I learned a great deal about emotional intelligence which I have already started to apply in my day-to-day communications with prospective clients and I am certain that continued application will result in new instructions. Gary is an exceptional coach – professional and passionate about what he does in equal measure.”  Marcella Cox – Director and Head of Litigation, Vyman Solicitors Ltd

If you want to sell more, build better relationships, be more productive and more successful then make the best use of your own strengths first and second and more importantly your emotional intelligence.

Passion, motivation, drive, and confidence are all important skills of a good salesperson, but possibly the most important attribute a salesperson can possess is high emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence can be taught and developed to improve your sales team’s performance.

Emotional Intelligence Workshops… the gateway to improved sales performance

About this Event

A recent survey on emotional intelligence provided some interesting and important facts…

  • People who have a high level of self-awareness build better relationships and therefore sell more.
  • Business Owners with high emotional intelligence are optimistic. This means they can turn objections into sales by looking at them as buying signals, rather than rejection.
  • Successful businesspeople with high emotional intelligence listen to understand their prospect rather than waiting for their turn to talk.

Your Investment

Emotional intelligence also referred to as Emotional Quotient (EQ), is the ability to be aware of one’s own emotions and the emotions of others, and to manage them in a productive and empathetic manner.

There are 5 factors used to measure EQ:

  1. Self-Perception
  2. Self – Expression
  3. Interpersonal Skills
  4.  Decision Making
  5. Stress Management

An EQ assessment form will be sent to you and on return, I will arrange a zoom feedback session to discuss in depth the results. From this, I can determine key strengths that may be used to greater positive effect and where an understanding of areas of improvement can be equally rewarding.

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment (inc. 1 Hour Feedback Session): £349.00

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If any of these areas resonate with your needs, then I have developed this workshop to help you improve and develop these skills.

Understand how you are perceived, connect with your prospects and manage the stress of selling

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