Why I avoid using PowerPoint in my training programmes

It doesn’t matter if I am delivering leadership, sales or customer service training. I don’t use PowerPoint.  Many of my clients are somewhat surprised when I tell them this. In fact, I recently delivered a two-day presentation skills workshop as part of a leadership programme. At the conclusion of day one the delegates were asked to present a 15-minute presentation on a current work challenge. They would deliver their presentation to the rest of the group on day two of the workshop. I had only one rule for them. No PowerPoint! To say they were shocked by this would be an understatement. I could see the fear in their eyes, it was like taking a comfort blanket away from a child.

Author: Gary Morgan

Why I don’t use PowerPoint

Below are just some of the reasons I avoid using it:

  • There are better ways to deliver a message and keep those attending the training engaged
  • It encourages laziness
  • It encourages inexperienced and sometimes even experienced presenters turn their backs and read from the slides word for word
  • Technical issues that detract from the presentation/training
  • It can turn off the audience if they see copious amounts of text on slides

I want my training to be powerful not PowerPoint!

Because I want training to be powerful and create transformation, I work extremely hard when preparing training programmes or workshops. I am always thinking how can I keep my delegates engaged.
Here are some of the ways that I keep my delegates engaged:

  • Asking questions and then writing the answers on a flip chart
  • As above, but instead of writing the answers myself I invite a delegate to write them
  • Activities – setting the delegates a challenge that they need to complete. This could be making the largest tower, completing puzzles, origami and even playing video games
  • Showing relevant clips from films or sitcoms
  • Music to create the right atmosphere or to create a distraction to emphasise a point
  • Singing to create energy and help delegates to get out of their comfort zones

In my opinion, any of the above are more effective than using PowerPoint and also takes much more effort to prepare than just writing a deck of slides. You can only deliver training in this way if you are fully prepared for all eventualities and make a real effort to get to know your delegates.

By the way, the delegates that I mentioned earlier delivered some amazing presentations on day two of the presentation skills workshop. There was not a PowerPoint slide in site.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and it has been of some use to you.

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